Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

You may have heard about diffusing essential oils but may be wondering how it can be beneficial. I LOVE diffusing essential oils! I have a diffuser in my bedroom, my baby's room and my office at work. 
Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils | doTERRA | Custom | Wellness by Ellie
It helps your space smell amazing! I run a diffuser in our office at my full-time job and most clients that walk in comment, "what smells so good?".  It also does not contain any chemicals like "traditional" room sprays or scent dispensers. No chemicals means you might be able to avoid common side effects of chemical fragrances such as headaches and allergies. 
Not only does it smell great, it has some beneficial wellness effects. The same things that you read about applying essential oils can be applied to diffusing. When an essential oil is marked that it can be used aromatically, it means you will receive the listed benefits through breathing it in. When you diffuse oil, it goes into the air and you breathe it in. You can use a traditional diffuser, such as doTERRA diffusers or you can use diffusing jewelry, see my shop for some options. 

Here are some of my favorite things to diffuse and why:

1. In the baby's nursery: Lavender.  Lavender is one of the most universal essential oils. It has calming and relaxing properties and can help promote restful sleep. I use this every night in my baby's nursery and he has slept through the night since he was 2 months old (not sure if that is his personality or the diffusing but I will take it!). 
2. In my bedroom at night: Serenity Blend. This is a doTERRA rest blend. It is warm, floral and herbal in scent and is a blend of 9 essential oils. It promotes relaxtion and restful sleep. It helps to lessen feelings of tension and soothes your senses. It can assist to provide a natural solution for restful sleep (can be used alongside doTERRA Serenity Softgels, which I love!). 
3. When I am congested: Breathe Blend. This is a great blend from doTERRA that can help minimize effects of seasonal allergies, maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing and can also help promote a restful nights sleep. It has a minty, fresh scent and is a blend of 8 essential oils. 
Stay tuned into later posts for some more of my favorite blends!
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