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Do Daith Piercings Help Migraines?


I Recently Pierced My Daith For Migraine Relief

I suffer from migraines, doctors have not been able to tell me why but they suck - like I can't get out of bed or function suck. I have tried prescription medication and many alternative therapies. The alternative therapies seem to help alleviate symptoms so I  can function but after having a migraine for about three weeks straight I was desperate for relief.

My Research on Daith Piercings

I had seen a lot on the internet about Daith Piercings for migraine relief but there is not a lot of proof or data on the effectiveness on Daith Piercings. I did read many personal testimonies though on how it had helped people personally either eliminate their migraines or significantly reduce the occurrences.

So I Went For It

I decided the most I was out if it did not work was $40  bucks for the piercing so I went for it. This is my experience, this is in no way advice or scientifically proven, but when something helps me I like to share it. I asked some friends and did some internet research on body piecing places. I know enough to not go to somewhere like Claire's. I wanted an expert. I was recommended to go to a local shop that exclusively does Body Piercing called Avant-Garde. If you live in SE WI I highly recommend this shop! Why, you ask - keep reading. 

Getting Pierced

I had not had any piercings since my mom had my ears pierced as an infant. I also knew getting cartilage pierced is more painful than skin. I was told by a friend that since I had endured childbirth that this would be a walk in the park. Avant-Garde is in West Allis and I was shocked at how clean and professional the shop was. It felt more like a dentist's office than a body piercing shop. The staff was very friendly and I filled out some information and waited by the fish tank. I was called back and the piercer talked to me about what I wanted. She asked if I was getting it to try to have migraine relief. I told her I was and she said that she had done a lot of Daith Piercings for people hoping for Migraine Relief and they had success - she reminded me there is no scientific proof but if it helps that is what matters. 

She marked where she was going to pierce and had me lay down on a very nice and fancy chair that goes flat - like a dentist's chair but fancier. She explained everything she was going to do and then went through the process. It hurt but definitely was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. She thoroughly explained the healing process and how to care for it to prevent infection. 

The Healing Process

Immediately I had relief from my migraine that I had for the prior three weeks! Yes, my ear hurt but it was way better than a migraine. For the first few days it was pretty sore but now two weeks later it only hurts a tiny bit when I am cleaning it. They said it would take 2-3 months to heal enough to be able to change the earring and 2-3 years to fully heal (which is the same for every piercing - which I did not know). 

For Me - It Worked So Far

So far, in my experience, I have not had a migraine getting it pierced so it was worth it! Hopefully it will keep working and I will give an update in a few months and let y'all know how it is going. 

Check out my blog for other experiences and stories I have shared about alternative therapies! 

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