Exploring Diamond Caverns in Kentucky

Exploring Diamond Caverns | Wellness by Ellie | Healing Crystals

Georgia, Family and The Army

I had the awesome opportunity to drive down to Georgia last week to see my brother graduate from advanced Calvary Scout training in the army (I am so proud of him)! I also was able to give my sister-in-law her beautiful custom bracelet made with Jade and Howlite that I made. Driving down to Georgia with my husband and 6 month old son was not my favorite thing ever but it was a beautiful drive and a wonderful occasion that was well worth it!
Army | Goergia | Fort Benning | Healing Crystals | Diamond Caverns

Diamond Caverns 

We drove down in one day, a 14 hour car drive. However, on the way home we took 2 days and made some fun stops. One of the stops we made was near Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Diamond Caverns. It was such a cool tour! 
The tour takes you underground to some caverns that house beautiful formations. At one point on the tour we were 8 stories underground! How the caverns got their name was when they were first discovered in 1859 they went down via rope by candle light and they thought they saw diamonds. Alas, there were no diamonds but they were able to open the cave for tours!
Caverns | Park City, Kentucky | Healing Crystals
Water from ground level slowly makes it way down and deposits minerals along the way creating these beautiful formations! It is amazing to see what nature can create. There was beautiful, filtered, clear water down there, we were informed however not to drink it due to the extremely high levels of magnesium; magnesium is a natural laxative!
Caverns | Park City, Kentucky | Healing Crystals

I felt at peace down in the caverns, there is something special about being so close with natural beauty and nature. I highly recommend this experience if you ever find yourself near Park City, Kentucky!
Caverns | Park City, Kentucky | Healing Crystals

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