Healing Crystal Love: Why are we drawn to rocks?

Have you ever wondered why you loved collecting rocks as a kid?
And why you still love doing it even now as an adult?

Why do we like to collect rocks? Wellness by Ellie, Healing Crystals, Wellness Jewelry

My First Love

Rocks are my first love. When I went to the zoo as a kid all I wanted from the gift shop was a rock to add to my collection. We also had a rock driveway growing up, which I would run around bare foot on and callous up my feet. I just loved them! One day, while waiting for a friend to arrive for a play date, I started digging in the rock driveway right outside our garage. When my mom came out to inform me my friend would not be coming, she found me waist deep in a hole I had dug. Trust me, my parents were not happy! But, I had many new found rocks for my beloved collection.

Through the Years

Throughout my life I have continued to collect rocks, especially as souvenirs on vacations. Never really understanding why until a couple years ago, I just was always drawn to them. I honestly do not remember how I first got introduced to the reason behind my rock fixation but I am sure glad I did!

What I collect didn’t change, just what I call them! I started to learn about the energy that rocks have and why they are called healing crystals.

Here is what I learned, we know that everything is made of matter and that it is held together by energy. Different items vibrate at different energy levels.

There are many things, natural and unnatural that disrupt our body's energy vibration levels. Just think of electronics and the wi-fi we use on them. Wi-fi is an energy wave - do you think it goes around your body to get where it is going? No, it goes through you - disrupting your energy.

Healing crystals all have their own energy vibrations and as we wear them or are near them they can help to realign your own energy vibrations. This is how they help to heal and optimize us.

Healing Crystals, Minneapolis Gem Show, Wellness by Ellie, Health Coach, Handmade Jewelry

How Can They Help?

There are many ways that healing crystals can help us. They can be grounding, calming, help our bodies function better and more!

Obviously, this does not replace western medicine. I believe in using all the gifts God has given us to stay healthy and heal our bodies. This includes healing crystals, but also when needed, western medicine and medical doctors.

How to Pick Your Own Healing Crystals

Yes, I could recommend stones based on specific things you would like help with. But I think that people are drawn to what they need. So, even though you are not aware that your body is telling you what you need, if you are really drawn to a healing crystal or piece of healing crystal jewelry then that is most likely what you need.

Many times after a client says they really like one piece in particular then I let them know what it is good for and they say, “That is exactly what I need”.
I love my healing crystals and love making jewelry with them to make others happy! I enjoy my workroom filled with crystal beads. I also wear healing crystal jewelry day and night and have bowls of healing crystals around my house and office.

Why not try it yourself, you’ve got nothing to lose! Find your own healing crystal jewelry here.

{originally featured on Alexis Du Charme's blog}

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