I Survived the Cryotank!

I told someone I was going to try the new local Cryofit in town and they laughed and said, "For how long? 20 Years?" No, it is not that type of cryotank!
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What is Cryotherapy?

This is what is called Cryotherapy. For 3 minutes you go in a tank that gets down to -250 degrees Fahrenheit! Your body enters what is called Cryostate, we will talk about the benefits in a minute. 
In order to do this you get completely naked, except for boots and gloves (the good winter kind). You get in the cryotank and press the doorbell to notify the professional assisting you to come back in. I was assisted by Rob, he was a great cheerleader! He turns the machine on (which has already been "pre-cooled") and then cheers you on for 3 minutes. 
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Three Whole Minutes

Three minutes, doesn't sound like much right? Now imagine getting buck naked into an already below freezing tank and getting so cold that when you come out your skin literally feels frozen hard. 


But I survived! My mom was also there as my cheerleader and I convinced her to do it after me. She had a little bit of a tougher time lasting but she did it for the whole three minutes!

What are the benefits?

Now, why would anyone in their right mind want to do this? Below are the benefits explained on MyCryfit.com:

Whole Body Cryotherapy triggers your body’s natural healing abilities. The therapy uses cold to induce a response in the nervous system, circulation system, and Energy Meridians. This is the only powerful therapy known to induce such powerful, holistic and positive response. Here are some of the specific benefits you can get from Whole Body Cryotherapy:

  • Decreases Inflammation

  • Increased Metabolism

  • Reduced Chronic Pain and Fatigue

The day I did the crytank, I also received a B Vitamin Injection, right into my bum. They have a wide variety of vitamin injections you can receive. They are administered by the lovely Melany, who is the owner of the New Berlin Cryofit and a Nurse. She is awesome in explaining all the different options and how it will work. 

I am planning on going again, because now that I am almost two weeks post-therapy I realize how much it really helped. I feel it helped the most with my energy. Ever since being put on medication for Postpartum Depression I have struggled just to get out of bed in the morning, which is not my norm. After the therapy and injection I felt amazing for about the next week and then started to notice my energy slowly start to decline again. 

I would recommend going and trying it to see if it is beneficial for you and it is definitely worth the experience to be able to say:


Visit www.mycryofit.com to learn more or find a location near you! I went to the location in New Berlin, WI. If you are interested in trying it out at the New Berlin location mention that I referred you and your first freeze is only $40!

This is NOT paid advertising. I heard about Cryofit from my mom, I tried it and wrote about my experience without receiving any compensation from Cryofit.

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