Naturally Ease Congestion

I suffer from seasonal allergies like a lot of people do. I get really bad sinus and ear congestion and pressure. The worst was when I lived in Texas, man did that cedar fever get me y'all! I tried over the counter allergy meds, prescription numbing ear drops and I even tried prescription Flonase (before it was over the counter)! Nothing helped to alleviate the pressure and pain, sure the numbing ear drops helped to numb it a little but they would wear off and not actually heal the problem. Also, the Flonase was causing some not so nice side effects. 

I was lucky enough to have a DO in my church congregation who was willing to help a sister out (no joke, I was a sister missionary at the time). For those of you who do not know what a DO is, it is the equivalent of an MD but they focus more on a holistic approach combined with western medicine. The kind doctor advised me to get a neti pot. Now, I had tried to use a neti pot in high school under my parents advice but all the darn water got stuck in my sinuses and burned! So, I hesitated and this doctor explained to me that I could get one that was a squeeze bottle instead of the pot kind. So, I did it, I got the NeilMed Sinus Rinse Kit. This made it so easy and I could see and feel it rinse TONS of gunk out! You simply fill the squeeze bottle with warm water, then mix in a saline packet (included in the started kit), shake, then leaning over the sink, exhale (don't breathe while pushing water through) and squeeze half the water up one nostril. The water will come out the other nostril (along with the gunk). Then you repeat on the other nostril. Y'all, it sounds disgusting but it is so worth it!

The other thing that I found to be a great help in relieving sinus congestion is the doTERRA blend Breathe. I diffuse it in a diffuser and I also have a roller bottle of it that I roll right on under my nose which is great for when I am out and about. This can be purchased in my Essential Oils Collection. 

I dislike having congestion but I love these natural remedies to help alleviate it! I invite you to try these methods that have helped me so that you can have some relief too. 

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