New Year New You: Setting New Intentions for the New Year

All of my jewelry pieces are handmade with healing gemstones, also known as healing crystals. Many people ask me how a gemstone can be healing.

(For your clarity whenever I refer to crystals in this article am referring to gemstones and rocks.)

 Lava Rocks and Diffuser Jewelry

The majority of my jewelry pieces include lava beads. The lava beads are very porous, so you can drop essential oils on them and then the oil diffuses throughout the day as you wear the jewelry. The oil tends to last the duration of the day and each day you can choose a new oil to use if you like. 

Many people do not know that lava rock is also a healing crystal. Google dictionary defines rock as: "the solid mineral material forming part of the surface of the earth and other similar planets, exposed on the surface or underlying the soil or oceans" and "any natural material, hard or soft (e.g., clay), having a distinctive mineral composition."

So, lava is a rock - what healing properties could it have? Lava is known for it's grounding properties. It is also good at absorbing negativity. 

Energy is the Key

You still might be wondering how a stone can be healing. Well, we know that everything is made of matter and that it is held together by energy. Different items vibrate at different energy levels. 

There are many things, natural and unnatural that disrupt our body's energy vibration levels. Just think of electronics and the wi-fi we use on them. Wi-fi is an energy wave - do you think it goes around your body to get where it is going? No, it goes through you - disrupting your energy. 

Healing crystals all have their own energy vibrations and as we wear them or are near them they can help to realign your own energy vibrations. This is how they help to heal and optimize us.

Have you ever wondered why people like to collect rocks? I know that I loved my rock collection when I was little and was always adding to it. On every vacation I would bring a rock home. It is because we are naturally drawn to their energy. I know have an expansive rock collection!

How Can They Help?

There are many ways that healing crystals can help us. They can be grounding, calming, help our bodies function better and more! 

Obviously, this does not replace western medicine. I believe in using all the gifts God has given us to stay healthy and heal our bodies. This includes healing crystals, but also, when needed, western medicine and medical doctors. 

 New Intentions for the New Year and a New You

Do you want to be calmer, less negative, more compassionate in the new year? These are the types of intentions you can set for yourself and seek the assistance of healing crystals and essential oils. 

 Just Give It a Try

Still unsure? Why don't you try it - you have nothing to lose.

You can visit our shop for your own handmade healing crystal jewelry and essential oils. 

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