Why I Ditched Underwire: A look at your lymphatic system.

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Most people say, "but I need the support". Well, I am happy to say that I have found some very supportive Victoria's Secret bras  without underwire, even in my size of 34 D, you can check it out here. There are also many other options out there. 

But Why?

So, you may be wondering - why does she feel so strongly about ditching underwire? Well, about three years ago I was returning from an 18 month church service mission. I was so sick and had many health problems, which I will not go into here, but one of my symptoms was that I had gray, painful lumps in my armpits, pain under my breasts and pain in my groin.

I went to see my doctor of naturopathy finally, after seeing many western medicine doctors without getting any answers. She helped me diagnose my other health problems as well as figure out what my pain listed before was from. I had clogged lymph nodes! 

Here is a little information on your lymphatic system:

"The lymphatic system is a network that is part of the body’s immune system. It collects fluid, waste material, and other things (like viruses and bacteria) that are in the body tissues, outside the bloodstream. Lymph fluid flows out from capillary walls to bathe the body’s tissue cells. It carries oxygen and other nutrients to the cells, and carries away waste products like carbon dioxide that flow out of the cells. Lymph fluid also contains white blood cells, which help fight infections.

Lymph fluid can build up and cause swelling if it is not drained in some way. That’s the role of the lymph vessels, they draw up the lymph fluid from around the cells to send it towards the chest. There, lymph fluid collects into a large vessel that drains into a blood vessel near the heart. At the end of its journey, the filtered fluid, salts, and proteins are dumped back into the bloodstream."1

Although your doctor always checks for swollen neck lymph nodes In your neck when sick, you actually have lymph nodes throughout your body. 

I found that there were things I was doing that were affecting my lymphatic system and were stopping it from draining and functioning properly. The lymph fluid, including everything that it was trying to clear out, was getting built up in my lymph nodes. 

Here are the things that I did to help them clear up and keep my lymphatic system functioning properly:

  • Stopped wearing underwire bras - this was putting pressure on and stopping the lymph nodes under my breasts from draining.
  • Stopped wearing antiperspirant - the aluminum that is the active ingredient in antiperspirant builds up in your armpit lymph nodes. I use all natural doTERRA deodorant that is not an antiperspirant. 
  • Lymphatic Massage - in order to clear up the blockage that was so bad at the time, I saw a specialist that does lymph drainage massage. I saw her a few times to loosen up the blockage and get my lymphatic system functioning properly. 
  • Essential Oils - my doctor of naturopathy recommended an oil blend that helps lymphatic system health, which I used twice a day until it was cleared. Now I use the blend occasionally as needed. 
Since clearing it up and ditching underwire and antiperspirant I have not had clogged lymph nodes!

Are you willing to stop wearing underwire and wearing antiperspirant for your health and wellness?


If you are interested in all natural doTERRA decoderant or the essential oil blend for lymphatic system health please contact me. 



1 - https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-basics/lymph-nodes-and-cancer.html 

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