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Platinum plus alcat food and chemical sensitivity test | food allergies | gluten intolerance test | dairy intolerance | health and wellness coach
ALCAT Food and Chemical Sensitivity Testing Sample Results

Platinum PLUS ALCAT Food and Chemical Sensitivity Testing

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Test Food and Chemical Sensitivity of 357 Items:

  • 237 Foods
  • 50 Funtional Foods and Medicial Herbs
  • 30 Food Additives, Colorings and Environmental Chemicals
  • 20 Molds
  • 20 Antibiotics and Anti-Inflammatory Agents


  • Laboratory services
  • Phlebotomy services
  • Shipping
  • Test results in a color coded, easy to understand format
  • Consultation with our Certified Health Coach, can be done in person, via phone call or video call.

Additional panels may be added at a discounted price. 


Wellness by Ellie is an authorized provider of Cell Systems Tests. Sales are final, no cancellations or refunds after purchase. 

Note: The Alcat Test does not make a medical diagnosis nor is it a substitute for health or medical advice. If you have a medical condition you should seek a qualified healthcare practitioner.

The laboratory analysis includes the immune biological reactions of the white blood cells. The Alcat Test® does not measure food allergies (type 1/IgE). Since these reactions can be serious, you should seek the help of an allergy specialist if you suspect or have food allergies. The Alcat Test does not measure enzyme induced intolerance to lactose, fructose or histamine. It does not measure IgG antibodies.