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Carved Flower Agate Pendant with Hematite and Quartz

Carved Flower Agate Pendant with Hematite and Quartz

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Agate enhances mental function by improving concentration, perception, and analytical abilities. Agate stimulates the digestive system and relieves gastritis. Agate encourages a sense of reality and pragmatic thinking. Agates with regular designs soothe those who desire peace and harmony, while those with irregular designs can stimulate action and important decision making. Agate is beneficial in self-analysis and uncovering hidden circumstances that might interfere with well-being. It promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one's own truth. Agate overcomes negativity and bitterness of the heart, by healing anger, fostering love, and lending the courage to start over. It is useful for any kind of trauma.

Hematite brings strength, love, courage and personal magnetism. Good for mental processes, thoughts and memories. Helps backache, travel sickness, insomnia and cramps. Chakra: Base

Quartz is a “Feel Better” stone. It can help improve quality of life, happiness and energy. It channels all energy so it can help with any condition. Helps focus the mind, aids meditation and relieves negativity. Chakras: All